International congress "Social pedagogy, research and families"


International Congress - XXXI Interuniversity Seminar on Social Pedagogy seeks to redefine, update and contribute to social pedagogy; responding to the challenges, demands and needs that the current society poses in relation to the concept and the phenomenon of family and social education. For us, the approach of these two realities is fundamental considering that the family is one of the bases and instruments of social education.

International Congress - XXXI Interuniversity Seminar of Social Pedagogy is an ideal space in which to share models, theories, practices and experiences on socio-educational interventions with the family, and on the applied methodologies; advancing in work models based on empirical evidence. For this, we propose three thematic axes: (i) social pedagogy and family. Models and theories; (ii) socio-educational intervention in childhood, youth and family. Practices and experiences; and (iii) research methodologies in Social Pedagogy.


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THEORY. Social pedagogy and family. Models and theories.

- Family education: approaches and modalities.

- Positive education of the children. Parental styles and effective educational strategies

- Pedagogy of family competition: strengthening and empowerment.

INTERVENTION. Socio-educational intervention on childhood, youth and family. Practices and experiences.

- Methods and techniques of prevention and socio-educational intervention.

- Community dynamics. Animation and organization of the community.

- Socio-educational work in a network. Inter-network approach.

- Family-school relationship, community and environment.

- Socio-educational management of the conflict: family and community mediation.

- Approaches focused on parenthood and the family system.

METHODOLOGY. Research Methodologies in Social Pedagogy.

- Qualitative methodologies. Participatory action research. Cooperative research, militant, etc.

- Quantitative methodologies. Experimental and quasi-experimental research.

- Other research methodologies applied in social pedagogy.

- Evaluation of socio-educational intervention programs. Programs based on evidence.

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