SACHI 2 Sharing Chilhood

Erasmus+ Project: SACHI 2 




The project Sharing Childhood (SACHI 2, 2016-2018) is accepted by the European Commission in the frame of «Strategic Partnership in the field of Adult Education (Key Action 2)» through the agreement 2016-1-ES01-KA204-024999.

This project is aligned with the European research’s goal related to lifelong learning, which is linked-up with intergenerational programs. The impact on the community and the senior is achieved through these programs, as it has been already evidenced by several international projects.

The partners are four European institutions with a large experience in the field of intergenerational relationships and we are going to work together to achieve: an application with solid theoretical basis; and an implementation with the maximum methodological strictness that derives valid results and allows an impact with possibilities to maintain long-term benefits.



  • To improve and/or facilitate the acquisition of digital, linguistic and collaborative basic skills of senior.
  • Improve the supply of high-quality opportunities tailored to individual needs of senior students, especially those from groups with the greatest need.
  • Increase the use of inclusive methodologies and related to educational diversity, in particularly intergenerational methodologies.
  • To disseminate results through intellectual material.



SACHI2 Guide on implementing in English GUIDES

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